The Synergy International

is an international diversified group of companies specializing in various industries. Established in 2016, TSI’s focus is to capitalize strategic value of innovative technology and creativity to create lasting improvements, maximum output, and satisfaction of every client. Our aim is to provide sustainable and quality food to everyone, ensuring healthy breathing air to all people, and capitalize strategic value of technology for businesses and industries.

Our Business

is mainly focused on products and services that are based on simple application of creative technology innovation to all industries. It should be smart, easy to use, accessible to everyone, environmentally friendly, maximum output, less cost, and satisfaction to everyone.

“Focus on Function – Our primary objective is to implement technology innovation and ideas to influence businesses and industries. In agriculture, we apply nano-technology to enhance the productivity of the crops. Using the same principles, we focus on implementation of technology innovation to influence the value of business and society, increase efficiency, create lasting improvement and optimize the production.”

– Ahmad Imran Z Abidin

(TSI Co-Founder)

Spinox-8 is a revolutionary organic nanotech agriculture and aquaculture enhancer that can help increase farm production by 35% while reducing harvest time by 8%.
We are proud to offer comprehensive Engineering, Procurement and Construction services & turn-key solutions to our valued clients in the Middle East and North Africa.
Our Corporate Responsibility
As a responsible organization and individual, we have an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. It is our duty to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems as well as the welfare of the society especially the less fortunate one.

Our CSR Philosophy

When you give someone charity be thankful to them. You may be fixing their World, but they are fixing your Hereafter. – Anonymous

Career With TSI
As TSI grows and diversifies day by day, we are always looking for new talent and experience to be a part of our success story. Apart from standard job requirements, we seek people with the right attitude and passions towards evolving technology and flair to harness it for the development of everyone connected with us.